Agreement on Usage of Personal Information

Logico is committed to protecting the personal information of our customers and handling it with the utmost of care. We will use personal information only in the following ways

【 Usage of Personal Information 】
  1. 1. To send products and documents, etc.
  2. 2. To inform customers about services and events, etc.
  3. 3. To offer customer support and maintenance
  4. 4. To respond to questions and inquiries
  5. 5. To develop our services, conduct surveys and work with trial users
  6. 6. To carry out a contract with customers
  7. 7. To meet or negotiate, etc. with customers
【 Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties 】
Except when required by law, Logico will not share the personal information of our customers with any third party without the consent of the customer.
【 Our commitment to handling of personal information 】
In order to offer a better service to our customers, we may outsource part of our operation to a subcontractor. In this event, personal information of our customers may be shared with the subcontractor. In this case, only subcontractors deemed able to properly handle our customers’ personal information will be selected. And to ensure that personal information is properly managed and kept confidential, we will enter into a contract with the subcontractor that ensures all measures against leakage of personal information are made.
【 Submission of personal information is optional 】
It is optional for customers to submit their personal information to us. However, please understand that it may not be possible that we cannot respond to your inquiries or offer you services.
【 Requests for disclosure of personal information 】
All customers have the right to request the purpose of use of their personal information, its disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and to decline its use or being shared. For further details, please either contact us as below or see our Personal Information Policy here.
Contact us regarding personal information:
Phone:03-5937-4777(Weekdays 10:00 ~ 17:00)
Personal Information Protection Officer

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